• Tattooing to Save Babies

    Dear Tattooers, 

    It brings me great pleasure to announce the date for the 9th annual Tattooing to Save Babies on September 15th 2018.  Over the years we have raised over $100,000.00 and we could not have done it without you!!! If you have received this note we are hoping you will join us and spread the word to all tattooers of the upcoming event.  It is very easy to participate, just tattoo on Sept. 15th just like any other day and at the end of the day donate all of your proceeds by mailing your check or money order made out to the March of Dimes to Tattooing to Save Babies 211 Market St. Denton MD 21629 or by using your pay pal account and send your donation to krookedken@gmail.com. All proceeds need to be received no later than November 1st. 
    Some shops like to advertise there event locally to draw customers and others just tattoo there normal appointments like any other day and just forward there donation without fan fare.  It is totally up to you and your shop.  If September 15th does not work for you, any date is fine as long as the proceeds are forwarded by November 1st 2018.
    We will be compiling a list of participating shops for advertising purposes so please respond with shop name and address to krookedken@gmail.com by September 1st and feel free to share this letter.
    As parents to two premature children the March of Dimes has been an amazing source of strength and support to our family. They continue to fund and find amazing ways to save a child that has been born too soon. Through education and awareness we can fight against babies being born prematurely and having to face life long disabilities and even infant mortality. One in every eight babies born, are born prematurely. Prematurity affects many of us, whether it’s your family, a friend, neighbor or co-worker, prematurity does not discriminate. As many of you know we have a beautiful healthy son Grady that is now 19 years old. But prematurity has affected our family in many ways that no parent should ever know. We had two beautiful daughters in December 2005 and August 2006 Gabrielle Lynn and Abigail Marie that were born prematurely but only lived a few short hours. Since the deaths of our daughters we as a family continue to fight the battle against prematurity. Please help us with this fight for a great cause and be a part of our Tattooing to Save Babies Family. 

    Thank you, 
    Krooked Ken