Krooked Ken of Black Anchor Tattoo in Historic Caroline County Denton Maryland specializes in the Traditional Coleman style of tattooing, Krooked Ken is known for providing tattoos of yesteryears today. With heavy black shading and bold solid color these are the tattoos that will last a lifetime, the way tattoos were meant to be. A Tattooer since 1994 he has proven to be a well rounded artist that is capable of many styles such as black and grey and japanese. Ken and his work have been published many times in International publications and has won numerous awards for his achievements. In his journey to keep the old school of tattooing alive he has collected vintage memorabilia from many of the great tattooers past and present. Knowing who and what came before him and why has made Krooked Ken one of the most sought after traditional tattooers of today. To book an appointment email Ken at or Visit Krooked Ken at Black Anchor Tattoo at 223 Market St. Denton Md, 21629 or call 443-448-7109 or at